Compare one workout to another?

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One minor (some say major) piece of functionality that is presently missing from WKO4 is the ability to directly compare one workout (or lap) with another, here we have a simple process that shows you how to do this by exporting the data from WKO4 to Microsoft Excel.

  • Open the workout, navigate to the time range you want, click Copy and choose the channel you want to compare, in this case we want to compare the power output of the athlete between two similar workouts in different training blocks with a view to showing the difference in performance.






  • Open a new worksheet in Microsoft Excel (this process works equally as well with spreadsheets from other software companies) and create some basic headings some of which are going to be used later, some of which will be hidden.


  • Past the copied data into cell B2.


  • Hide the fields you don’t want, in this case just Elapsed1 and Elapsed2 (though if you copied all the channels from WKO4 things like Latitude and Longitude will need hiding as they aren’t particularly useful)


  • Open the next workout in WKO4, select the time range and repeat until you have all the data you want into the spreadsheet.


  • In cell A2 enter the value 1 and then in cell A3 enter =sum(A2+1)


  • Copy and paste this into as many cells as you have data until you get the following


  • Select all the data in the sheet (shift click on each column)


  • From the insert menu select Line and in this case a 2-D line chart


  • With some time and patience it is possible to quickly produce reasonable looking charts, in this example I’ve plotted the speed for each lap of a circuit from two different weeks and we can see a drastic difference that wind conditions on the day had on speed for this athlete.