Top 5 – Power Meter checklist

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If you have recently decided to purchase a power meter, had it installed on the bike, been for a ride and feel completely lost, this is the blog post for you.

In no particular order here is a checklist of things to do right away:-

1) FTP test (95% of a 20min effort, NP from a 60m criterium, modelled FTP, lab test, RAMP test ) – they all have pros and cons, but it’s important to choose a method and do a test right away.

2) Calculate zones, again an athlete has many different models to choose from, British Cycling have a free calculator, so do Garmin, I prefer to use ilevels from WKO4 but any method is better than none at all.

3) Jump on the scales, to go faster we generally need more power and less weight, keeping track of changes in weight over time is important and you can only do this with a baseline.

4) Learn how to calibrate (or more likely zero offset) the power meter, do this regularly… Power meters are susceptible to minor changes in temperature. Some deal with this better than others. Calibrate at least once a week, every ride is better, it only takes a few seconds and it is easier to calibrate than it is to fix corrupted data after a ride.

5) Program the above settings everywhere, into Garmin Connect and transfer to the head unit, into Training Peaks, Golden Cheetah and / or WKO… Some of these tools have a way to go back and change historical data but some do not, easier to get them all set correctly on day one…


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