How to add and name an ANT+ device

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One of the nice features of the Garmin range of cycling computers is the ability to read data from Ant+ devices. Adding a device is a very simple process and here is a step by step guide including adding a name for the device which is handy for example when at the start of a sportive and you want to be sure that the power meter you are talking to is actually yours and not another athletes. This example shows how to add a pair of Garmin Vector pedals to an Edge 1000 though the process is more or less than same on other head units and ANT+ devices.

Level of difficulty – Beginner

Total Time – Less than five minutes

Step 1

Power on the Garmin head unit and the ANT+ device to be connected and make sure that the ANT+ device is active, in this case a pair of vector pedals. Select the settings icon:-

Step 2

Select Sensors:-

Step 3

Select Add Sensor:-

Step 4

Select the type of device you would like to add, in this case a Power:-

Step 5

The head unit will scan for ANT+ devices that are in range, the best way to ensure that the device being added is the correct one is to either perform this part of the process away from other devices (15m should be enough) or to make sure you know the ANT+ ID of the device before starting, this can normally be found either on the device itself or included in the box that the device came in, select the ANT+ ID of the device to add:-

Step 6

Make sure the tick box by the side of the device is selected and then press Add:-

Step 7

This is more of a pro finishing touch than anything else, select Name to add a customised name for this device:-

Step 8

Add the name for the device and select the tick to complete the process:-


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