Garmin Vector Cycling Dynamics

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One of the best features about the Garmin Vector pedals is the ability to be able to capture and display extended cycling dynamics data from the pedals both during and after a ride. The pedals can capture torque efficiency, time standing, maximum power / cadence while seating or standing etc. One of the worst features is that not all this functionality is enabled by default from the factory! Since it isn’t immediately obvious below we have a step by step guide to get things rolling. The screenshots are from a Garmin Edge 1000 though the process will be the same for all other Garmin head units.

Level of difficulty – Beginner

Total Time – Less than five minutes

Step 1

Switch the Garmin head unit on and connect it to the pedals by rotating them backwards a few times, you will see the power meter icon at the top of the screen. The head unit will not allow the extended cycling dynamics to be enabled unless it is paired with a compatible device since of course it can not record extended dynamics for devices that do not have the necessary support such as a power tap wheel, SRM crank etc.

Step 2

Select the settings icon:-

Step 3

Select Sensors to display a list of the devices that the head unit is already programmed to communicate with:-

Step 4

Select the Garmin Vector pedals from the list, in this case the pedals have already had a name assigned to them so they show up as ‘Vector’. Your pedals may have a different name or just display the Ant+ ID if a name has not been assigned:-

Step 5

Select Sensor Details from the list, if this isn’t available then make sure the pedals are connected and haven’t gone back to sleep, if they have simply rotate them backwards a few times to wake them up again:-

Step 6

Select Vector Features, obviously this will only work with Garmin Vector pedals:-

Step 7

On this head unit Cycling Dynamics and Torque Effectiveness are both disabled, select each one in turn to enable:-

Step 8

Once enabled the feature lights up in green:-

Step 9

Select Torque Effectiveness / Pedal Smoothness:-

Step 10

Confirm that both features are enabled and showing as green:-


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