Q: What do I need in order to get started?

A: Obviously a bike and cycling kit, a smartphone or computer are useful especially for scheduling workouts using Training Peaks but not strictly necessary. Some form of cycling computer will help you to monitor the duration of the sessions though we have worked with one athlete who had only a bike and a watch.

Q: How many hours a week do I need to dedicate to training?

A: That of course depends on the goals, we have clients who are riding as few as four hours a week and clients who are riding as many as 25 hours a week.

Q: Can you help me with goal setting?

A: We can although it is helpful if you have some basic ideas about what it is you would like to achieve. Effective goal setting allows us to measure the progress we are making towards that goal however the goal must be yours to own.

Q: How much is this going to cost?

A: Rather than try to fit a round peg into a square hole we create custom coaching packages on a client by client basis and as such we are able to offer coaching to suit every need and most budgets. Please see the case studies under the Coaching menu for examples.

Q: Who owns the Training Peaks account if I cancel?

A: You do, including all the workouts, feedback and charts.

Q: I’m new to training with a power meter can you help me to understand what all the numbers mean?

A: Of course, we have done this for a number of athletes in the last year, we help you understand how to get the most out of racing and training with power by passing on the knowledge you need in order to be successful as part of the feedback. We have a number of blog posts giving general advice though these should not be taken out of context.

Q: How long is the minimum contract?

A: We don’t have a contract, therefore if you are unhappy you are free to go your own way at any point. We ask for payment at the start of a month and if you cancel part of the way through that month we do not refund on a pro-rated basis.

Q: Why don’t you have a minimum contract?

A: Good business ethics mean athletes work with us because they want to not because they have signed a contract for a given period of time. Up to now not a single athlete has terminated a monthly coaching package which speaks volumes for the quality of coaching they receive.

Q: I’ve got huge spikes or ‘bad data’ inside a data file can you help?

A: Of course, even with the best power meters this happens from time to time, get in touch and let us know what the problem is. More often than not we can direct you to a website where you can fix problems yourself free of charge. If that isn’t an option then we have various custom developed tools at our disposal that can even fix a power file that was missing data from the left hand pedal!

Q: How do I get my data from the ride into Training Peaks?

A: The vast majority of our clients use a device that allows direct upload at the end of the session from the vendors website into Training Peaks, the bulk of these are excellent Garmin head units that upload automatically through Garmin Connect. We have clients with other cycling computers and are happy to send you a simple step by step guide showing you how to automate loading the data. This is normally a one time process.