Chain Gang Etiquette

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We all love a good group ride and perhaps some of the most beneficial rides are the local chain gang. Having been asked several times recently what it is like to ride the chain gang we thought a video and … Continued


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Historically internal storage space within cycling computers was at a premium due to the price of memory and therefore to allow multiple / long rides to be stored without running out of space the manufacturers came up with the idea … Continued

Compare one workout to another?

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One minor (some say major) piece of functionality that is presently missing from WKO4 is the ability to directly compare one workout (or lap) with another, here we have a simple process that shows you how to do this by … Continued


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Does anyone know a racing cyclist who doesn’t want to go faster? It is the Holy Grail of cycling; more speed and more speed usually requires more power, better aerodynamics, less weight or ideally a combination of all three.┬áStructured training … Continued